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My Approach

I have experience of helping a wide range of clients. I usually work with adults, who come to counselling for many different reasons.

The type of counselling I practice is called Person-Centred Counselling. It is a form of therapy, which was developed by Carl Rogers and many others who followed  in his footsteps, which emphasises the importance of exploring the unique circumstances of a person's experience of distress, rather than offer out of the box solutions for a specific "problem".

Because I strongly believe in the importance of finding a unique solution for each client, I tend to not be too focused on finding a specific diagnosis. Labels like depressed, anxious, stressed, midlife crisis, can be very helpful as a first indicator for the nature of a person's distress, but they are usually just the most prominent sign, for what is usually a unique constellation of personal struggles or challenges that need to be understood in order for a person to be able to find their own solution for a way forward.  

I will offer you a warm and accepting  space to talk about and explore what goes on in your life, how you feel about it, what you hope to achieve and why it feels distressing for you.  

I will be by your side and together we can explore what got you to where you are now and what might lie at the bottom of any distress you are experiencing. Together we can explore where you want to get there, what is in your way and how you could find your way.

My Qualifications and Background

I have a Foundation Degree and a BA (Hons) in Person-Centred Counselling and Psychotherapy from the University of Warwick.

I grew up in Germany and I gained a PhD in Phonetics and Theories of Speech Communication from the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich. I worked for about 10 years in academia, first in Munich and then at Cambridge University and then switched to work in Industry for various Software companies in England. Finally, following a life long passion for Psychology and Philosophy and trying to make sense of the human condition brought me to the Counselling and Psychotherapy course at Warwick and a deep appreciation of the Person-Centred Approach. Which lead to me not just practicing the person-centred approach not just in counselling and psychotherapy, but as a way of personal development and generally a way of life; or 'A Way of Being' as Carl Rogers referred to it in one of his most famous books.

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